Andrew Mckenzie is passionate about coaching golf and helping golfers of all ages and abilities – from new to golf to Tournament Professionals.

Andrew has over 20 years of experience of understanding the golf swing in its complexity and coaching in its simplicity!

During his time as a Golf Professional he has played tournament golf and for 3 seasons on the South African Sunshine Tour and European Challenge Tour. Drawing on that experience in being successful as a coach to take the pupil’s swing changes to the golf course and improve scoring.

Andrew’s swing beliefs are based on the Ben Hogan method where the body and bigger muscles controls the golf swing with the power coming from the ground upwards.

Andrew coaches all departments of the game; swing, pitching, putting, chipping, bunker play, course management and routine.

He takes pride in being fully committed to the pupil’s development process firstly by giving an overview of the golf swing, preparing a structured plan and accelerating change via supervised practice.