Coaching Methods

Edufii – personal video lesson notes with commentary
Supervised Practice – access SP while having a package of lessons to cement the changes and have your practice monitored

Coaching Packages

Whether you are new to golf or an experienced player the best way to have sustainable long term improvement is to structure your coaching with a PGM coaching package:

Individual Coaching

1 hour of golf coaching
30 minutes of golf coaching


Series of 6 x 1 hour coaching including Supervised Practice *
Series of 6 x 30 minutes coaching including Supervised Practice *

On the Golf Course

2 hour’s golf course playing lesson

Range balls are provided within the cost of coaching fee

*Unlimited access to Supervised Practice sessions during the Series of coaching on the days which the coach is working and subject to availability.

I would also be pleased to assist with;
Group coaching  • Corporate events  • UK and overseas golf coaching breaks  • Gift vouchers

Bunker Play – Pitching – Chipping – Putting

These 4 components of the game of golf are undoubtedly the hardest to master, but can be the most rewarding, creative and game improving when mastered. Many professionals teach the golf swing, but few will ever be able to teach feel, spin control and shot visualisation around the greens.

The easiest way for a player at any level to improve their scoring is to hone the “Short Game”. If you are serious about your golf and you want to lower your scores and reduce your handicap I would recommend our structured way of learning.

Have you ever wondered why the top players make chipping look so easy? It is not just the time they spend practising, it is because they have the correct technique, with this technique comes the ability to control spin, once you control spin, your visualisation and imagination can be used correctly. Once these components fall in to place you will begin to understand “Feel”.

Andrew is currently working with several tournament professionals and amateurs of all ages and ability. He has turned his experience and knowledge into an uncomplicated teaching method designed to transform the results of golfers around their short game.